Counterfeit Detection

Unfortunately it is becoming increasingly easier to produce counterfeit money that is almost impossible to distinguish from real money. Do you trust checks with a UV lamp? The most 'modern’ forgeries stand this test with no problem whatsoever! The solution? The advanced Cash Handling Systems counterfeit money detectors! All our counterfeit money detectors check for several authenticity characteristics and have been rigorously tested. Moreover the detectors work superfast, so that you immediately get a decisive answer and discussions with customers are prevented. From manageable entry models to professional solutions for Euros and many other currencies: Cash Handling Systems counterfeit detectors offer maximum security!

LCS36 Counterfeit Detector

£240.00 + vat

The LCS36 Bank Note Verifier has the latest counterfeit detection methods for a maximum 6 currencies in any combination from minimum selectable 30 different currencies including:
• Euro (EUR)
• US Dollar (USD)
• British Pound (GBP)
• Canadian Dollar (CAD)
• Japanese Yen (JPY)
• Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
• Renminbi (CNY)
• New Taiwan Dollar (NTD)
• Swiss Franc (CHF)

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Ultra Violet Lamps

£27.00 + vat

Ultra Violet Lights (UV Lamps) are a cheap and easy to use way of checking the authenticity of bank notes, credit cards and other security documents.

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