Cash Handling Systems Ltd are the UK's leading business partners to De La Rue (Talaris), Glory and LCS

We provide fast, accurate, reliable and robust solutions to your cash processing requirements.

For each requirement we can help supply the solution to your cash handling needs, using our experience to suggest products that will suit your needs, trial and purchase. This ensures you have the right machine and solution for your requirements.

Our website has a vast array of professional coin and bank note counters and sorters from De La Rue (Talaris) and Glory. The Mach coin sorters are very fast and simple to use, providing accurate processing of you coins and virtually impossible to jam. De La Rue (Talaris) have been the major supplier of coin and note handling equipment for over 30 years. With over 100 engineers in the UK to support you and ensure the product you choose lasts for many years.

Our new Glory range of bank note handling equipment ensures bank notes of all qualities can be quickly counted, verified and batched. Using advanced image technology we have found they can detect all the current samples of forgeries our customers have received. The Glory note sorters are competitively priced against previous competitors models, which have no form of upgrading.